Customised Courses

We customize our courses according to the learner’s needs and objective of learning. We can conduct mass lecture-style for an auditorium of students, or small-group intensive tuition for business executives.

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Private / Small Group or
Customized Corporate Courses

iSpeak Korean Language Centre customize Korean language courses for the individual learner or small groups, to cater to your specific learning needs and schedule. Feel free to contact us at, for customized learning based on your requirements. For individual and small group courses (up to 4 pax), iSpeak Korean Language Centre will allow you to:

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Decide on a convenient and conducive venue for learning (negotiable)
  • Learn during your preferred timing and frequency
  • Have the undivided attention of our qualified tutor
  • Benefit from iSpeak Korean Language Centre-style advanced methods of Korean language instruction that will enhance your learning experience.
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