About Us

Welcome to the iSpeak Korean Language Centre!

Established by Professional Native Korean Teachers

iSpeak Korean Language Centre was set up by professional native Korean teachers with years of experience teaching in NUS, NEX and Korean Tour Organization in 2014.

Learning foreign language is very fun but very difficult as well. We believe how well the teacher lead a student can have a very different outcome. Our teachers are all native Koreans with a teaching certificate and well trained as well, and we believe that an informative and entertaining learning environment is the best for students, and it can be achieved by creating a dynamic classroom where students are encouraged to interact with their peers both as an entire class and in smaller groups. With our systemic and rich experience teaching, we create lively exercises which promote movement and interaction while still remaining focused on the topic at hand is enough to spark very active conversation.

Speaking a new language is also not just about memorizing the vocabulary, grammar and sentence structures. The most important part of it is culture! From here at iSpeak Korean, you will learn about the Korean culture from customary practices to Korean history, you will gain insights into what it feels to be a Korean.

Come join us today!
We know how to bring out the best in students, and you will Speak Korean in a way that you have never imagined before.


The teacher is very kind and patiently answers all our questions. She also shares about her life and gives us some relevant vocabulary she used in her chat.

Michele Simin Chung, Aug 2018

Teacher is helpful and cheerful, make the class lively and enjoying.

James, Aug 2018

I just completed the Korean Language Course Basic 1 at iSpeak today. I really enjoyed the journey of learning the Korean language here, learning practical Korean that i can use. I really like the 선생님 Stella Choi, she’s always so nice and patient in teaching the 학생. If i have more time in future, i’ll definitely come back to take Basic 2 and so on. Thank you very much! 🙂

Caren Foo, Aug 2018

The course is useful and appropriate. I am more confident when I go to Korea next time for travelling. I will be able to order food and buy things using Korean. I will be able to introduce myself and make friends using Korean.

Sunny Chong, Mar 2018

My teacher is patient and always makes sure everyone understands the lessons. She also makes it a point for everyone to interact with her, which allows us to practise speaking in Korean and not just writing. I enjoy her lessons a lot.

Samantha Zeng, Mar 2018

I joined iSpeak Korean over a year ago now and have absolutely loved learning with motivating, enthusiast teachers who are always eager to share about their culture and make the lessons interesting and fun, yet always providing very clear and detailed explanations and ensuring everyone is up to speed. I can only strongly recommend this place to learn Korean and have fun doing so with brilliant teachers!

Aurélise Bouquet Castiglione, Mar 2018

I have been with them for almost a year and I would say that I have enjoyed myself very much while learning Korean here. The teachers are really friendly, approachable and is always patient in teaching the students. They also encourages students to read aloud (something that I was really weak in previously) and this helped us build our confidence in speaking Korean. I will strongly recommend people to learn Korean with iSpeak Korean Language Centre!  😄❤

Carine Lym, Feb 2018

Our teacher shared funny stories that gave insight into how koreans interact in daily life. She was also friendly and shared some slang that most koreans would use in daily conversations. Our teacher would also encourage conversations and start off the lesson with conversations related to current events, such as the bad weather, or a recent kpop concert/fanmeeting.

Michele, Nov 2017

Enjoyed the environment & teacher was very friendly & engaging. I would say that I had learnt alot in iSpeak.

Jocelyn, Nov 2017

Am satisfied with the course, teacher is good and the class is interesting!

Winnie, Nov 2017

Teacher was very good. The class was engaging.

Monica Cuerda, Nov 2017

Very clear and thorough!

Danna Thein, Nov 2017

I’ve been learning Korean from iSpeak for over a year and am enjoying myself tremendously. The teachers are very experienced and have a good lesson pacing. Their clear and thorough explanations and exercises make learning Korean much easier and very comfortable.

Rachelle Soh, Dec 2016