Frequently Asked Questions

How much are the Standard Course fees?

* Lesson is once a week, and 2 hours per lesson

Level Materials Lesson Course fee +
Textbook/ Workbook
Basic 1 Sogang 1A 8 weeks $290 + $45 (Textbook/Workbook)
Basic 2 Sogang 1A 8 weeks $290
Basic 3 Sogang 1A/1B 6 weeks $220 + $45 (Textbook/Workbook)
Basic 4 Sogang 1B 8 weeks $290
Basic 5 Sogang 1B 8 weeks $290
Pre-Inter 1 Sogang 2A 8 weeks $300 + $50 (Textbook/Workbook)
Pre-Inter 2 Sogang 2A 10 weeks $360
Pre-Inter 3 Sogang 2B 8 weeks $300 + $50 (Textbook/Workbook)
Pre-Inter 4 Sogang 2B 10 weeks $360
Inter 1 Sogang 3A 10 weeks $360 + $50 (Textbook/Workbook)
Inter 2 Sogang 3A 10 weeks $360
Inter 3 Sogang 3B 10 weeks $360 + $50 (Textbook/Workbook)
Inter 4 Sogang 3B 10 weeks $360
Pre-Adv 1 Sogang 4A 10 weeks $360 + $50 (Textbook/Workbook)
Pre-Adv 2 Sogang 4A 10 weeks $360
Pre-Adv 3 Sogang 4B 10 weeks $360 + $50 (Textbook/Workbook)
pre-Adv 4 Sogang 4B 10 weeks $360
Adv 1 Sogang 5A 10 weeks $380 + $50 (Textbook/Workbook)
Adv 2 Sogang 5A 10 weeks $380
Adv 3 Sogang 5B 10 weeks $380 + $50 (Textbook/Workbook)
Adv 4 Sogang 5B 10 weeks $380

How to pay the course fee?

Payment Options:

  • Cash / Cheque: Walk-in to our language centre during our opening hours. Cheque should be made payable to iSpeak Korean Language Centre LLP
  • Internet Banking: DBS Current Account 100-903090-9
  • PayNow: UEN T14LL1669E

I have studied Korean before. How do I know which level is suitable for me?
We offer free placement test including interview to find out which level is suitable for students. Please go to the ““Registration – Placement Test ” ” and fill up to make an appointment for a placement test.

  • Students are not allowed to record (including but not limited to taking screenshot/ photograph, video and audio) any part of the lesson (both offline and online), unless permission is given by teacher in charge;
  • Sharing and distributing any part of the lesson and course materials is strictly prohibited;

Before I register any course, can I try Free Trial Lesson?
Sure. We offer Free Trial Lesson for beginner every month, please click here(Free Trial Lesson) and find out more. And we offer one lesson for every level students as a trial, so if you’d like to attend other level as a trial, please click here(Contact us)

Are there make-up classes available for the classes I will be missing?
Yes, we will arrange for make up in a suitable class, should you miss lessons due to valid reasons such as work commitment. Make-up lesson will be subjected to availability, kindly contact us in advanced to arrange.

Are certificates given out at the end of the course?
Yes, we will issue you a certificate at the end of each course. However, please be reminded that you have to meet the criteria of at least 70% attendance rate.